A Swedish icon bag reinvented

Ever since released last year a handbag from the collab between Swedish leather goods maker Palmgrens and renowned Swedish designer Emma Olbers has been on my wishlist. The collection is a stylish update of the original leather and rattan collection that was created already back in the 1950s.

IMG_5618 2
The classic rattan and leather handbag. Photo: Palmgrens.

The inspiration for the original bag, a modern design classic in Sweden, was to create an equally summery light and airy Swedish version of the wicker bags that was seen on many women during the summer months in Southern Europe.

For a couple of seasons when I was a young teenager it was the hottest school bag to carry in my Swedish hometown. As most other kids I didn’t have an original Palmgrens but a cheaper high-street version that broke after a couple of months since it was not built for heavy school books.

Palmgrens, with its 120 years of heritage, is one of Sweden’s most established producers of leather goods. They still focuses on natural tanned leather pieces like handcrafted handbags, suitcases and interior pieces. Photo: Andy Liffner.

Fast forward. The basket style bags, be it straw, rattan or any other similar material are now back in the limelight more than ever.

Olbers collection consists of three models. Photo: Andy Liffner.

Emma Olbers’ take is a clever update infusing them with a modern attitude and functionality but still with a timeless design that will last long after this seasons fast fashion is forgotten.

– When I designed the collection, I thought a lot about how I use bags and I’ve also been inspired of today’s women who balance a versatile life with regard to the features and needs to meet, Emma Olbers said at the launch.

Find the collection at Palmgrens. Prices from £260.




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