Clay Crush: Naomi Bikis

The ongoing trend for the unique and the hand crafted has boosted the general interest for ceramics in interior decoration. That fact plus social media as a channel to customers and publicity has made it possible for new talented potter’s to emerge and establish them self on the scene. Just take a look at any of the major craft shows in for example London and you can see that the ceramic craft is thriving.

My ceramics crush goes way back to my years at uni when studying Art History.  As it happens, for some years now most of my new discoveries has been women.

So starting with Naomi Bikis I will introduce some of the ones I think excels in their craft, creating pieces with an enduring allure and their own striking style.

Jewellery dish by Naomi Bikis. Photo from Renasala store.

Naomi is a perfect example of this new movement. Fashion journalist turned ceramicist her pieces has a distinct, sculptural quality to them.

Naomi’s studio Turning Earth in Hoxton, London shot by Philippa Langley. for ODE.

In her London studio, Naomi creates limited edition collections of  functional objects like vases and paper weights in a neutral palette. Her hand thrown pieces have simple, organic forms influenced by 1970s product design and ancient functional ceramics.

Product photos from Naomi’s website.


She works with a mixture of underglazes, coloured slips and glazes, experimenting with hyper-glossy work alongside rough, textured pieces that require multiple firings and glazes.

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