State of the Art

I’m not a fan of big earrings and I’m not trying to go with every trend that comes along. To talk about trends is even not trendy Vogue has stated:-) But this ongoing thing (not trend then) with jewellery resembling organic sculpture made me think that maybe I need to rethink and give it try?

Like the The Yves Painterly Nude earrings by Modern Weaving that are inspired by Yves Klein’s famous ‘Anthropométries‘ paintings.

And these pieces of art are not just for special occasions. On the contrary. It’s an easy way to add some pizzazz to your everyday outfit.


For a low-key me-look, I’m adding my favourite old jeans or mannish pants, a classic, crisp poplin shirt or even a plain t-shirt.

Featured Image: Irregular Gold Disc Earring, £45 at Frankie Shop. Other details see captions.

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