As I wrote before Valentine’s Day I’m not a big fan of mandatory public gift giving days. But when one of my son’s had asked me multiple times what would make me happy on Mothers Day I finally gave him and his brother a few ideas ( one of their drawings or handmade figures is not an answer he’s happy with any more) and thought I might share them with you as well.

Last year I discovered British Tiosk Teas and since then I have now converted to their range of exquisite loose leafs teas. Most of their teas are best without adding milk which is what I always has preferd. The same goes for The “Milk Oolong”. It has a lovely velvety and smooth taste with a naturally milky, caramel touch.

The saying goes that this tea came about when the moon fell in love with a comet. The comet passed her by (as comets do…). The moon cried milky tears which fell upon the tea fields, withering the tea leaves and giving them the delicate creaminess that is inherent in a Milk Oolong.

This poetic description alone makes one want to try it, don’t you agree? Milky Oolong loose leaf tea, Β£15, Tiosk.

A fresh pair of earrings can light up any grey Monday and these new limited edition ones from Mango made are a budget treat. Tear Earrings, Β£29.90, Mango.

I already have a few items from Portuguese glazed pottery manufacturer Bordallo Pinheiro and this large platter would be a great addition. Artichoke Platter, Β£17, Arket.

If the new headphones from Danish Hi-fi brand Bang & Olufsen sounds half as good as they look then I’m first in line. Ok, this one I didn’t put on the wishlist for my sons… Beoplay H91 in Clay, Β£450, Bang & Olufsen.B

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