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No trip to Morocco is complete without out a tour in the Souk (a traditional marketplace). So we made our way through the winding pathways in the old Medina in Marrakesh and tried our bargain skills.

1.Number one on my Souk shoppinglist: a pair of so called Babouches, a flat leather shoe with open heel. You can find them both with round and pointy toe, but I prefer the latter.

A shop owner showed us the the way through the maze like souks to the part of the medina where they made Babouches and after some bargain I had a deal for a pair of snakeskin patterned (not real snake!) for half the starting price of 800 Dirham. Probably would have been able to get them cheaper if I had been more enduring…

2. A must when in Marrakesh is a visit to the YSL museum and his garden Jardin Majorelle. The museum is situated in a striking building, a mix of modern and Arabian architecture. And the garden next to the museum is equal an amazing place with plants in abundance. I will put up a separate post with more photos soon.

3.Also on my Marrakesh shoppinglist was a book about Yves Saint Laurent and of course the shop at the museum sorted that out for me. The one I went for is an amazing book with a few extras like removable sketches and copies of handwritten letters attached to some of the pages.

I had a really hard time deciding what more to bring back with me. Finally I went for postcards showing two of his yearly greetings to friends and customers.

“All About Yves” by Cathrine Orman. A similar French version can be found at Amazon.

4.Since we moved to London over two years ago I’ve been looking for an old desk. And finally the search is over.

The Victorian Library desk I found at a local auction house was just what I had wished for to fill up the space under the bay windows in our living room. Bay windows are lovely but can be tricky to furnish I think. The £70 price tag was the icing on the desk so to say;-)

5.Just love this blouse in all its simplicity. It’s minimalistic and low-key but at the same time has a touch of feminine drama to it. The cotton poplin gives a crisp, summer look.

Satchi Split-neck Top, £45, Heroes are weirdos.

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