All Ears – Jewellery’s new hot spot

If you would have asked me three-four yeas ago I would have said I’m not an earring person. But after that things gradually started to change. And for the last couple of years it’s earrings that really has interested me in the jewellery department.

A new posse of modern often female creators and brands has taken the whole earring thing to a new level. They have a fresh approach, working with sculptural forms and often the designers see the whole ear as a canvas to paint on. The result is effortlessly cool and elegant at the same time.

A stand out feature of many styles is the kind of trompe l’oeil effect that tricks the eyes to believe that you have more than one piercing. Wearing just one piece creates an asymmetrical look that adds a laid-back vibe to it. I also like to combine one piercing piece with a small ear cuff to create an own personal duo. My punk point to an outfit;-)

And as always Instagram is my gold mine. Here’s a round up of some of my most saved makers.

Berlin-based jewellery designer Anne Manns, creates statement pieces that are both bold and modern. Her 24k gold plated earrings winds on the ear like a little snake or liquid gold. She also does an amazing ring that has the same kind of winding movement.

Sara Robertsson is a Swedish designer that also creates beautiful, bold pieces. She has a background in womenswear design and her inspiration and technique found in draping is evident in her striking yet minimalistic, organic jewellery.

Some of her styles reminds me of iconic Swedish Vivianna Torun Bülow-Hübe that made now classical, timeless pieces in the mid-century for among others Danish George Jensen.

Photo Completedworks

Completedworks founded by Anna Jewsbury in London is another champion of the new movement as well as Singapore based brand Thing In Itself .

Puakai Pearl by Pernille Lauridsen Photo Net-A-Porter

Danish Pernille Lauridsen has a more delicate style and many of her designs comes with coloured stones.

My favourite, since I prefer white stones or pearls is her Puakai Pearl earring that together with a very thin ear cuff has become part of my everyday style this winter.

If you’re looking for new, jewellery designers do check out Rena Sala. Her webbshop always features new fresh talents.

Photo gallery from top left: Anne Manns, Thing In Itself, Anne Manns, Sara Robertsson, Completedworks, Sara Robertsson. All photos from the designers.

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Weekly Winners – Women Wonders

It’s of course all about women makers and shakers this week.

1.Nothing says spring as blooming Magnolia trees. Actually it’s one of my favourite “flowers” and if I had a daughter there’s a big chance one of her names would be Magnolia.

Last weeks heat wave gave nature a super boost and the wonderful pink and white buds began to open up. I took a few branches indoor to enjoy this short time of the year to it’s fullest.

The woman behind the vase (not in the photo though;-)) is my favourite Swedish designer Carina Seth Anderson. I will soon write a post about her new store in Stockholm. (Unfortunately she has no webbshop and I haven’t found a British reseller online.)

Pallo vase size Small from Skruf’s glassworks, 3000 SEK, Artilleriet.

Photo Building Block

2. Since I discovered L.A-based brand Building Block some years ago it’s been on my bag brand radar.

Founded by sisters Kimberly and Nancy Wu back in 2011 they do their own take on minimalistic chic. Add a touch of playfulness and utility style and you pretty much got it.

A good showcase is this new ETC Sling, made of two small detachable bags that also can be used separately.

And as it happens it fits perfectly into the new trend with XXS and XXL bags. But this sling is a little bit bigger and more practical than the 5,2 cm high fingerbag “Le Mini Chiquito” by Jaquemus’ that’s been the talk of PFW.

Unfortunately this special edition of the ETC Sling is just available through Building Block’s own US web store. That means a hefty charge for customs and taxes as always when buying from the States (in this case $80). But I think it’s worth it this time.

It also comes in a black version that will be available from European resellers.

ETC Sling, Special Edition, $295, Building Block.

Photo Alex Eagle

3.Yes, it was lamp love at first sight when I spotted this Uplighter lamp by London based ceramist Paola North.

She makes lamps, tiles and vessels inspired by antiquities like Greek and Roman pottery that’s been exposed to the test of times. Rough surfaces and primitive shapes are her trademarks.

Paola’s other designs are also worth checking out at Alex Eagle’s concept store. She’s another creative woman who’s personal mix of fashion, interiors, arts and craft sent her store straight into my London Black Book.

Paola North, Table Up-lighter Lamp Long, £395, Alex Eagle

4.I stumble upon New York-based artist Brooke Holm the other day when visiting COS’ new store at Coal Drops Yard. It’s the new shopping destination at Kings X here in London that I wrote about earlier this year. Every month this COS store features different artists.

On display right now are some of Brooke Holm’s striking photos from her Sea Lake series. These are large, aerial photographs of Lake Tyrell, one of Australias largest salt lakes. The colours and patterns of the lakes are beautiful in a calming, almost meditative way. The landscape looks like an abstract painting.

Sea Lake by Brooke Holm.

5. This time of the year my skin is as far as you can get from a glowing post-holiday tanned one. When I try to pull my face up from the trenches every morning there’s a little bottle and a stick that somehow always does the trick.

The Magic Foundation and the Magic Away Concealer from make-up artist Charlotte Tilbury are the new cornerstones in my routine on days when I wear make-up. Starting with the foundation and then continuing with the concealer under the eyes my face transforms without looking like I got a thick cake layer on. It’s looks quite natural and fresh.

The redness I got on the cheeks nowadays and those dark circles they covers very well and normally the cover lasts all day. You can apply a little bit more to the areas that needs more cover and much less where it’s not needed.

As the last base step and later in the day as a quick touch-up I also apply a tiny amount of her powder on the nose and eye-lids to prevent shine.

Magic Foundation, £32, Magic Away Concealer, £24, Airbrush Flawless Finish, £34, Charlotte Tilbury.

Budget Buy – Beige Buddies

Let me introduce my new favourite soft work uniform for SS 19. Comfy as can be and casual it works just as well for a lazy sofa Sunday or a stroll in the park.

The set comes from Zara’s younger label TRF. It’s made of comfy ribbed cotton in a beige fabric. The joggers has an elastic drawstring waistband, cuffed hems and, thank God – side pockets!

The matching long sleeve top has a V-neckline and front button fastening. I took one size up on both for a more loose fit.

I will wear the pants with an oversized sweatshirt when chilly. And maybe I’ll try them in a combo with a long dress or tunic.

Textured button-up cardigan, £12.99, Zara. Textured joggers, £12.99, Zara

Dream Ticket – The Cover star Coat

As you know by now, I love a good bargain as long as it’s ticks my style and sustainable boxes. But on the other side of the spectrum you have the investment pieces that comes with a sometimes sky high pricetag, but has all the specs of a long-term key investment.

So now I’m introducing a new weekly category. Got to have something to dream about and get inspired by, right?

The off-white trenchcoat from Acne Studios are just the kind of garment that my coat dreams are made of.

It has a wonderful town scene print. It’s made from a sumptuous silk blend. It’s oversized. And the colour combo with off-white and the brown pattern fits my palette just perfect.

I would wear it just like in the pics, accompanied by an all low-key white assembly to let the coat be the cover star.

Whatever the mood. Whatever the day. This has you covered.

Printed Oversized Trenchcoat, £2335, Browns.

Weekly Winners – Going Green

My quest for green always reaches a peak late winter. So this week I’m going Hulk in every way.

1.Conservatory Archives, my favourite London florist is growing. The tiny shop on Hackney Road now has spun off at Lower Clapton Road.

Here you can linger in an abundance of greenery. There’s also a little café cum deli that serves up delicious Matcha and Chocolate mousse-like cheesecakes.

Quirky details, vintage furniture and lighting adds to the charm.

A must for every greenery and plant lover.

Conservatory Archives, 3-5 Lower Clapton Road, London.

Photo: Bottega Veneta.

2.Italian fashion deluxe brand Bottega Veneta is making waves with new Artistic Director Daniel Lee. He previously held the position of director of ready-to-wear design at Celine, a protégé of Phoebe Philo. So he knows a thing or two about timeless, sophisticated elegance.

In the autumn of 2017, I visited a Bottega Veneta event at Chiswick House, London, where craftsmen and women where showcasing the brands high level of craftsmanship. It’s one of the few fashion houses that has stayed true to the artisanal heritage, when many other ones these days goes for a quick fashion fix. It will be interesting to follow Lee’s approach in this matter.

The new collection of oversized bags with their classic Intrecciato leather pattern now blown-up to XXL proportions and the are close to this years hottest bags so far in MHO. Some of the styles sold out straight away in their webbshop. So seems I’m not alone here…

Photo: Bottega Veneta.

The first AD-campaign has also created a lot of buzz with it’s modern, cool attitude and perhaps foremost for the fusion of fashion and some desirable furniture. (The armchair with leather armrests, yesss please!)

These green sporty, oversized leather shorts is the perfect mix of cool and elegance. A timeless dream ticket that never goes out of style.

Shorts in green nappa, £ 2095, Bottega Veneta.

3. Every morning I’m waking up on the green side with a wheatgrass super green shot. It comes packed with vitamin A and C, which help to maintain healthy vision and contribute to normal brain function.

It also helps the immune system, antioxidant protection and skin rejuvenation. The wheatgrass is produced with minimal processing.

Cheers and Good Morning to that!

Organic Wheat grass powder, Green Origins, £5.99, Ocado.

4.On my wishlist for some years now, LA-based ceramist Eric Roinestad’s work has it’s own, unique expression.

He mixes the spirit of California folk modernism with the designer’s own Scandinavian heritage. I think I could decorate a whole room with one of his pieces as the starting point.

Ceramics, Eric Roinestad.

5.Normally I’m quite beige and boring when it’s comes to eye make-up.

But this dark, moody green shadow from Danish, organic beauty brand Kjaer Weis had me thinking outside my usual greige box.

The refill system is brilliant and part of the brands sustainable philosophy.  The range is free of parabens, silicones, petrochemical emulsifiers and synthetic fragrances.

Made in Italy, almost all of the products have been Certified Natural or Certified Organic by Italian standards.

Cream Eye Shadow Sublime, €43, Kjaer Weis. 

Budget Buy Serpentine Sandals

The latest design collab from the folks at H&M was one that instantly caught my interest. This time they’ve teamed up with the new, also Swedish, shoe brand Eytys. Its been on my ( and many others) radars for a while. Theirs chunky sneakers has turned into a success and last year they opend a store here in London.

The unisex collection’s highlights for me are the jeans and trousers. And these sandals, a fun take on the Eytys aesthetics. The padded foot strap is made of leather with an embossed snake pattern. The soles are slightly higher and has a textured-patterned rim and the inside is moulded so it’s more comfy than a flat sandal.

One of my sons, who also happens to loves cool packaging wants to put the shoe box on his so called “Nerd shelf” together with his other finds like Japanese soft drink cans and candy boxes.

Always a nice little bonus when the package can be re-used.

Sandals, Eytys x H&M, £17.99, H&M.

Think Pink, Valentine

First I want to say it’s not that I don’t like to give or receive gifts. But I never been a big fan of general gifting days when you supposed to give presents. Christmas, Fathers, Mothers, Valentine’s days and so on.

On a given day the social etiquette dictates that you must give a present. So you run around trying to find something. It’s a little bit crazy, don’t you think?

Spitafields does pink better than most.

I really enjoy giving people I love gifts. Birthdays and anniversaries I’m all in.

But isn’t it also a wonderful thing to give someone a little something when they least expect so? That expression of genuine surprise and joy on his or her face is worth it alone I think.

Instead of a mandatory gift. What about an unexpected present on a gloomy, dark winter Wednesday?

That said I’m seeing the colour pink everywhere right now. And I quite like it. There’s something fresh, youthful and springish to it that is most welcomed this time of the year.

And as it happens it’s also the perfect colour for Valentine.

Photo credits: 3/4/5/6/7/8/9. Other photos my own.

The Weekly Winners – It’s all in the Mix

It’s an eclectic bunch, the five little things lighting up this grey February week.

1.When it’s love at first sight and you’re totally hooked. Then it doesn’t matter that your son points out that; ” We don’t have long umbrellas”.

This vintage Fornasetti umbrella plate belongs in our Edwardian house’s hallway. Period.

Umbrella stand, “Test Antiche”, Piero Fornasetti, 1950s. Auctionet.

2.Right now I’m on the hunt for a replacement table or generous desk for our living room. The one we had there ended up in my study.

On the claim list: Dark wood with some nice carving work. And of course it should be a vintage one. Both for aesthetics and sustainability.

When I spotted this, it was exactly what I had in mind and that also goes for most of the styling. Maybe not the grass. It’s was close to a “grass fire” on social media #interiors last year so I think I had my dose. Otherwise this is pretty much the look I’m after.

Found at Apt 34 via Automatism.

3.These boots where made for sauntering. Had my eyes on these really tall, tan boots all winter. But I couldn’t see myself running around in them in wet winter London.

So when I spotted them on 50% sale this week and realised it was the last pair in that store and it was my size. Well, then it could only end in one way.

I’ll be wearing them with my ecru coloured jeans tucked in. And together with my cream and beige coloured midi dresses they will be another spring/summer tonal combo.

High leather tan boots, now £99, at &Other Stories.

4. “I never fell in love with fashion, I liked the pace of making collections but I never felt passionate about it in the way I feel about sculpture”,  says the former designer turned artist Nicole Farhi to Wallpaper Magazine

Cybele, 2018.

So no surprise, she sold her fashion label and left the fashion industry seven years ago to pursue her passion for sculpture. Last week her exhibition “Folds” opened at gallery Beaux Arts.

It’s a serie of female torsos that are utterly sensual and beautiful.

Fahri’s Studio in Northern London. Photo: Louise Long for Vogue.

“FOLDS is my antidote to the world of fashion. I believe there is beauty everywhere, and wanted to show parts of the body you don’t even know you have. The fold of the back, for example, is so beautiful and harmonious, the lines become abstract. And the works are sensual, too.”, Nicole Fahri told British Vogue.

FOLDS by Nicole Fahri, 31 Jan- 2 Mar at Beaux Arts, London.

5.The season for one of my favourite fruits, the blood orange, is in full swing. That reminded me to share one of my heavy rotation albums of the latest half year or so.

The fourth album by British-born musician Devonté Hynes under his Blood Orange artist namn is a fusion of funk, soul, R&B and jazz with warm, glossy electronics.

A vitamin well for every season.

Negro Swan by Blood Orange, Spotify.

Budget buy – Baggy U pants

Uniqlo dropped their spring U collection last Thursday.  The U collection’s are made up of “progressive essentials”, created by artistic director, Christophe Lemaire together with the in-house design team.

The formula with basics in minimalistic, clean cut shapes and a unisex feeling turns out particularly well when it come to trousers. And it holds true for spring 19′ as well.

If we start with the jeans, both the loose fitting and the high-waisted flares has a nice cut and good fit. But the pants that was the main reason for me rushing off to the Regent street store as soon as I could, was the high-waist baggy cotton ones.

When I got there two days after the launch, I was lucky to grab the last pair in my size in dark olive green. They have a really baggy leg and the high waist is quite slim.

The look is a cool combo btw elegant 80s and utility uniform. I realise this is not for everybody, but if you’re into oversized looks and pants in particularly then it’s a really good buy.

Versatility is at the crux for me. More than ever so, since the last years I been really trying to sustainability secure my purchases. And I think these are perfect in that regard. Shoes and accessories will easily dress them up or down.

P.s. The white shirt in an androgynous fit comes from Swedish brand Maska. It’s made of soft Italian cotton and has a nice herringbone pattern. I bought it back in 2015. But they still make it. I applaud when brands keep some pieces over the years. This fits well with Maska’s overall sustainable approach. D.s.

High-waisted two tucked trousers, 39.90, Uniqlo U. Tank top in organic cotton, £4.99, H&M Conscious. White shirt Ellen, £160, Maska. Sandals, £29.99 Eytsys x H&M.

The Week Winners – Reload and Refresh

So finally the longest month ever has come to an end. Here in London February is somewhat hard to put a hashtag on. It can be winter for sure like today. But it’s also a month when the first signs of spring pops up. Like what the snowdrops are literally doing right now. So this week I’m going all in on fresh new finds and re-starters with a mindset focusing a head on warmer and brighter days.

1.Pale and dull late winter skin – I’m looking at you. So it was a nice little find, this gel mask from Sanctuary. It promise to bring some well-needed face glow and the formula comes with a “trio of vitamin C super fruits”. For all of us that don’t want long procedures in our daily skin regime this is perfect. Just put a thin layer on dry, clean skin before jumping into the shower. One minute later rinse off.

It’s not gonna turn your face into your best post-holiday one after the first try. But it adds some kind of freshness and after using it on a regular basis for a couple of weeks it has given me some of the most sought after beauty goals right now – GLOW. And with that price tag, it’s a no brainer.

Sanctuary Spa 1 Minute Daily Glow Vitamin C Radiance Face Mask, £9.29, Amazon.

2. I’m right now re-decorating our micro sized study to better suit my work needs. (More on that soon!) And when you have your own new vintage design web store of course some of the favourites stays in the house. So for now this find, a design classic from Swedish high-quality manufacturer Ateljé Lyktan, is not going any way.

It was designed by Anders Pehrson, who is more known for his Bumling lamps. The so called Simris was made for the Olympic Village at the games in München back in 1972.

I was a little bit surprised that they opted for a Swedish brand instead of a German one. But I guess things like that happen from time to time. Like now when Japanese high-street brand Uniqlo, not Swedish H&M, is designing the Swedish Olympic teams clothes for the games in Tokyo 2020.

But back to the lamp. It has a nice padded leather foot and chromed steel stand. It’s big for being a work desk lamp, so it’s quite a statement on a small table in a small room. But I’m keeping everything else quite simple to have more of a clean slate-space when working with different projects.

Recently Ateljé Lyktan re-issued the lamp both, the desk and the floor version. So if you can’t find a vintage one you can go for a new instead. It also comes in white. Just don’t get why they put a red cord on it. But you can probably exchange that.

Simris lamp by Atelje Lyktan, from £294, Scandinavian Design Center.

3. Adding some flowers, branches and plants is always a quick way to bring some spring freshness into the house. And this week I found (via) a lovely new collection of small ceramic vases from Swedish Lindform.

I already have a couple of their designs and one from the new collection would make a great addition. The family-runned company has a sustainable approach and says it’s producers in Portugal and Thailand has good working conditions and ECO-production.

The Spring catalogue has photos styled by Daniella Witte. Over the recent years she has turned into one of Swedens most sought after and influential stylists. No wonder since Daniella is really talented and her style is both contemporary and timeless at the same time.

Lindform vases, from £17 at Trouva. Photos by Daniella Witte

4. Living in London of course comes with some perks. On of the best being the abundance of excellent restaurants and cafées. When it comes to eating out small bistros serving well-made modern food in inspiring, low-key settings are what I appreciate the most.

A little gem that ticks all those boxes is Jolene that opened last year. Situated in Newington Green in northern London it’s a little bit of the beaten track. But it’s sure worth a detour as the famous Rubber Man would put it. It’s the perfect place for a couple of lazy Sunday hours on a grey winter day.

The interiors are minimalist but with a warm, inviting feeling. The walls are painted in chalk colours or just exposing the raw concrete. Add to that simple, wood furniture. The food and the wine list follows that similarly “stripped-back approach.”

Jolene that also has it’s own in-house- bakery makes everything from scratch each day, including milling grains into flours which will be used in breads, pastries and fresh pastas. The daily changing menu will be written on the bakery’s blackboard.

The duo behind Jolene, restaurateur Jeremie Cometto-Lingenheim and chef David Gingell said in a statement when opening:

“We have decided to open a bakery restaurant that revolves around and relies on the grains rather than it just being another ingredient.”

What more can a serious bread lover like me wish for? Not much.

Jolene, 21 Newington Green, London, N16 9PU. 

5. I’ve been on a hunt for a pair of loose, mannish, slouchy fitting camel or dark beige coloured trousers for so long I cant even remember for just how long. This week though I spotted what could be THE ONE’s .

They’re from Jil Sander, the now classic minimalist brand. I remember back in the 90s when their factory store was a mandatory stop on every summer road trip we did from Sweden via autobahn in Germany to southern Europe. The store outside Ellerau, in North Germany was a fashionist dream come true. This was before big, fancy outlet villages became big business in Europe.

This was the real stuff. A store in a warehouse at a factory in the outskirts of a small town. If visiting on a weekday you could see women sitting by the sew machines in the factory.

Fast forward two decades later, Jil Sander is long gone from her brand. But the brand has gotten a fresh restart with Lucie and Luke Meier, the husband-and-wife creative duo. And their collections are making waves.

There’s only one problem: You need a BIG budget to get access to their take on minimalist luxury. So right now I have not decided if this will be a major investment or remain just a dream.

But sometimes dreams do come through. Like they did in Ellerau twenty years ago.

To be continued.

Tailored straight leg pants by Jil Sander, £595 at LN-CC.

Enjoy your weekend!

The Week Winners – Bye Bye January Blues

Today I would like to introduce another new theme. The Week Winners will be about, as you might already have guessed, my favourite things of the week. Everything from a great tune to my latest finds be it fashion, home decor, art, stores etc. It might just as well be an interesting event, meal or place. Let’s go ahead right away, shall we?

1 Perfect timing it turned out to be when I bought these fur-lined Birkenstock sandals. Yesterday’s snow and lower temps made them just perfect for the indoors right now. And when the weather gets slightly warmer they will be perfect to dress down my everyday work outfits.

2 The new concept store from the Swedish COS, is a fresh, new take on their minimalist approach. In a corner position at the new, super cool shopping destination Coal Drops Yard in Kings Cross, London they have created a sleek store/art gallery. One of my favourite chairs designed by London based Faye Toogood has found it’s way there.

Every three months they will display a new art collection. The first one is promising with interesting artworks for as little as £40.

3 This week we got our first dose of real winter weather here in London, so as often as I can I’m positioning myself in the sofa next to the fireplace. A super oversized cashmere sweater and my also supersized teacup plus my new playlist with Stan Getz’s soft saxophone is how I work my way through the January blues. Another record on heavy rotation right now is AM Waves by duo Young Gun and Silver Fox (Love that name btw!). Songs like Lenny and Kingston Boogie has just that laid back West Coast vibe that I always been found of. The album is a tribute to 1970s Los Angeles and in my world that ticks many right boxes.

The rooms at Miss Clara hotel in Stockholm has a sober, neutral color palette that together with dark wood floors gives creates a soft and varm feeling to the minimalist decor.

4. Last weekend I stayed at Miss Clara Hotel in Stockholm. It was a real design treat with it’s modern, minimalist interiors that’s still warm and welcoming. I will do a separate post about our stay soon along with some other Stockholm recs.

5. Been looking for a new take of ear jewellery for sometime now. One style I had in mind is the ear cuff kind that you put high up on the ear like a clip. The other one I been on the hunt for is a design that spreads out over the ear like you have more than one hole. I found one from Danish designer Pernille Lauridzen that was just right with a small pearl and the golden metal snaking its way on the ear. (To the left in the photo.) You can twist it round to find the fit that suits your ear the best.

Budget Buy – The Big Olive

Budget buy is a new section where I will share my favourite picks when it comes to value for money. That doesn’t necessarily mean that it will always be really low priced. It can also be more expensive stuff, but with long lasting qualities that over time gives you much for the bucks.

The first budget find that I’m adding to basket comes in one of my all-time favourite colours olive green. A classic colour that never goes out of style. And it works all year round.

When spotting this long, thick overshirt at Zara I wasn’t sure about how good it actually was. To be honest it didn’t look that special on the hanger.

It was first when trying it on that it’s true powers became obvious.

A perfect companion for a more relaxed everyday look it can serve as a thin jacket as well as a shirt tunic. The corduroy gives it a more dressed down and countryside feeling that I like. But you can for sure wear it with more dressy shoes and accessories if you want. So it’s very versatile.

It also comes with two large pockets. An essential feature when your phone is basically an extension of yourself.

Since I’m really into the “supersize me” strategy I wanted it to be as long and voluminous as possible. So I went for the XL. I’m usually a size small.

The photos btw are taken at Eccleston Yards, a nice little shopping area in Fitzrovia, London. Small independent shops and restaurants in a lovely setting is always a winner in my world. Will for sure go back soon and take a closer look!

Overshirt, Zara, was £49.50, now £19.99. Ecru jeans, £55, Arket. Vintage Dr Martens boots. Boiled wool beanie, COS, out of stock now.

Mood Board – Winter Whites

Winter whites never goes out of style. It’s timelessness is part of it’s appeal. But for me it’s also about adding a contrast to the dark default setting of winter.  

And going out head to toe in white on a greyish and wet winter day almost makes you feel like the queen of light. The untouchable one that just don’t care about wordly things as dirty spots, puddles or ongoing fashion trends.

And when not going head to toe, just a dollop of white like a pair of boots or a chunky sweater brightens a dull winter day.

Knits from Esteban Cortazar, Matchesfashion.

Cover photo Laurel knit, Goop.  Gallery one: From top left: Kimono coat, Rodebjer. Ceramics, Naomi Bikis. Jewelry, Renasala. Handbag, Loewe.  Gallery two: Sweater and skirt, Raey, Matchesfashion. Sculpure Britt Ignell, The Modern Scandi. Shoes, Jill Sander, Matchesfashion. Tuxedo, Arket. Coat Laureen Manoogian, Alex Eagle. Vase, Malgorzata Bany, The New Craftsmen.

Sleek winter survival secrets

The big problem with winter is – the cold. I always want to go straight into hibernate mode when the temperatures drops below two digits on the plus side of the Celsius scale. So over the years I gathered a few tricks up my woolly sleeves for how to fight the cold.

One of my best secrets comes from Japan.

To be more specific I found a true winter comforter at Japanese high-street brand Uniqlo. Their so called Heat Teach collection has made my winter life a little bit more bearable. The core of the collection are the first layer basics like tops, leggings, turtlenecks, socks and tank tops, etc.

They’re made of a special mix of fabric regulating your body temperature without the discomfort of bulky clothing, The items cleverly use moisture released by the body to retain heat to keep you warmer in colder months.

The Heat Teach collection is made of a breathable and moisturising fabric.

All products also feature moisturising Moroccan Argan oil for more comfort during dry seasons.

Alexander Wang adds a sleek sporty touch to Uniqlo’s Heat Tech range.

So in short what you get is a thin, varming layer for every body part. Like a soft second skin.

My favourites includes the tank-top with a built in bra, turtIenecks and the crew neck tops.

For more challenging winter conditions there are pieces called Extra Warm and Ultra Warm. In summer opt for cooling, breathable AIRism.

When earlier this autumn the news was out that American fashion designer Alexander Wang was doing a Heat Teach collection I was first in line.

The collection delivered just what I was hoping for. Meaning a sleek, sporty take on underwear, tops and leggings. The colours range from black to grey, camel, white and a hint of neon. The overall look is sophisticated, minimalistic and modern.

As you might have guessed my wardrobe is already quite Heat Tech heavy, an exception being bras and undies. So I decided to give those items a try. I also went for a white long-sleeved ribbed top for my winter work-out sessions.

Now my Wang’s been on rotation for a couple of weeks since the drop and I just stocked up on some more before they’re gone. Don’t wait if you want to grab something, it’s getting empty on the shelf’s from what I can see!

The collection is normally sized and that goes for the Wang’s as well. An exception are the bras, that are on the small size. Bra, £19.90. Briefs, £9.90.

But if you missing out of the Wang, right now many of the items in the main collection are on Black Friday sale, so that means the pricing is even better than usually.

In other words a perfect time to make sure you’ll stay varm all winter.

See the Wang collection here.

 And the whole Heat Tech range including mens wear here.

State of the Art

I’m not a fan of big earrings and I’m not trying to go with every trend that comes along. To talk about trends is even not trendy Vogue has stated:-) But this ongoing thing (not trend then) with jewellery resembling organic sculpture made me think that maybe I need to rethink and give it try?

Like the The Yves Painterly Nude earrings by Modern Weaving that are inspired by Yves Klein’s famous ‘Anthropométries‘ paintings.

And these pieces of art are not just for special occasions. On the contrary. It’s an easy way to add some pizzazz to your everyday outfit.


For a low-key me-look, I’m adding my favourite old jeans or mannish pants, a classic, crisp poplin shirt or even a plain t-shirt.

Featured Image: Irregular Gold Disc Earring, £45 at Frankie Shop. Other details see captions.

Forever Summer Classics

Some years ago, probably 2014 or 2015, I was scanning the market for wide leg trousers. Not flares, not palazzo. Just classic wide leg, high waist ones. At that time they where quite hard to find. So I was even more happy to come across these big checkered ones. White with dark blue pattern they have since been on my summer rotation list. IMG_1948As a true statement piece should, they set the tone for the whole outfit and you can just add a basic sweater, t-shirt or what I like the most, a simple, classic tank top.

Sandals, sneakers or high platforms works just as well. But in summer I mostly find my self opting for the open sandal. Free the feet, when you got the chance, right?

The tank top is also worth some attention here. When I got my first child I started to buy both baby basics and ditto for myself from French, classic label Petit Bateau. And up to this date I honestly havn’t found a better brand when it comes to quality basics at that price point. I still wear the tanks and t-shirts that I bought 10-15 years ago. Worth every penny and the fit also lasts!

Finally, the hand bag has also become the summer go-to work bag. It’s designed by Swedish Cecilia Eduards. Back when I had my Swedish design store her leather bags and accessories where some of our bestseller.

Her signature braided pattern in combination with the sculptural shapes makes up for the perfect mix of retro boho meets modern minimalism. It think you can tell from her designs that she’s also an architect. No fast fashion frills here. Just a classic line of beautiful, functional bags that she updates with new takes every year.

Made of high quality leather from classic Swedish Tännsjö Garveri it’s made to last and the patina it get’s over the years just makes it even more beautiful I think. So it’s a long-term investment that really pays of.

Checkered trousers from Zara 2014-15. Ink blue tank top, £17, from Petit Bateau. Braided leather handbag £399, from Swedish brand Eduards Accessories.

Apertivo with a famous Melin

Best time of the week, that first hour of weekend. Add sun, a glass, good company and let Apertivo O’ Clock begin!

signe-persson-melinThe glass, by the way, is a vintage find from Swedish glassworks Boda Nova. The woman behind it is Signe Persson Melin, a famous Swedish designer that also happens to be one of my all time favourites.

Born 1925 and active from the 1950s, Signe designed everyday homeware for many famous Swedish brands like Boda Nova (mix of materials), Höganäs Keramik (pottery), Rörstrand (porcelain) and Kosta Boda (glass).

In our vintage design shop The Modern Scandi that will open soon (!) we’ll of course be offering handpicked gems by her.

And no, we’re not related. We just happens to have the same last name:-)

Clutch by Matine, a small American accessories brand. Outfit a mix of old time favourites: Shirt by Acne Studios. Shorts and platform sandals by COS.

Everlasting Leo Love

One of the few prints that I find myself coming back to over and over again is the Leopard print. It’s something with the print that seems to stand the test of time.

The latest Leo wardrobe addition is a soft midi-skirt. It’s pleated with a button-up front and also lined so no unwanted see-through effect.

It works just as well as a simple everyday pull-on to more dressed up occasions. Just add accessories to bring it to the right level.

Come autumn I will just add a cozy, chunky sweater and a soft hat.

Leo skirt at & Other Stories. Nude cotton tee and pouch bag also at £17 & Other Stories, Veja suede sneakers at Net-a-Porter. Vintage bottle necklace from Guerlain. Ring with wooden stones SS16 from Acne. Sunglasses Gucci.

The Sicily Market Dress

It caught my eye when rushing down Regent street early May.

Seeing the simple shirt dress in the shop window I just loved how it draped around the body of the mannequin and visuals of slow-life vacations with me at a Sicilian market buying fresh groceries and sipping on a glass of Gavi wine at a decadently long lunch flashed by.

For a couple of weeks when the weather was still unstable it had wait-and-see status. Was it maybe a little bit to sweet or prim for me? Was it even on the dull side of the dress spectrum?

Then, one of the first days of summer I decided to give it a try.

Fast forward. Two-three months later The Genre Dress from Weekday has turned into a real keeper that people always compliments me on and the standard question is “Where did you get it?”.

It’s quite thick cotton weave and the airy fit is just perfect for hot summer days. I’m thinking that it works a little bit like a bedouin outfit. Keeping the heat out – at least to a certain point. The heat on Bakerloo Line is a tough one though.

IMG_0960 2

The Genre dress is a perfect throw-on- and-go summer piece. I’m also using it as a caftan over a pair of shorts and a tank top. And my new, handmade macramé bag The Carly (named after singer Carly Simon)  follows the summer-in-Sicily-theme.

When wearing it as a dress, I’m styling it with a handmade rope belt from Ibiza.  (When I had a store in Sweden it was part of the summer collections.) My two decades old super comfy Birkenstock are the perfect companions.

Just need to get to that Sicilian market anytime soon.

But a glass of Gavi in our garden will do for now.

Genre dress, £55 at Weekday. Carly bag, $125 at Dharma Door.



A Swedish icon bag reinvented

Ever since released last year a handbag from the collab between Swedish leather goods maker Palmgrens and renowned Swedish designer Emma Olbers has been on my wishlist. The collection is a stylish update of the original leather and rattan collection that was created already back in the 1950s.

IMG_5618 2
The classic rattan and leather handbag. Photo: Palmgrens.

The inspiration for the original bag, a modern design classic in Sweden, was to create an equally summery light and airy Swedish version of the wicker bags that was seen on many women during the summer months in Southern Europe.

For a couple of seasons when I was a young teenager it was the hottest school bag to carry in my Swedish hometown. As most other kids I didn’t have an original Palmgrens but a cheaper high-street version that broke after a couple of months since it was not built for heavy school books.

Palmgrens, with its 120 years of heritage, is one of Sweden’s most established producers of leather goods. They still focuses on natural tanned leather pieces like handcrafted handbags, suitcases and interior pieces. Photo: Andy Liffner.

Fast forward. The basket style bags, be it straw, rattan or any other similar material are now back in the limelight more than ever.

Olbers collection consists of three models. Photo: Andy Liffner.

Emma Olbers’ take is a clever update infusing them with a modern attitude and functionality but still with a timeless design that will last long after this seasons fast fashion is forgotten.

– When I designed the collection, I thought a lot about how I use bags and I’ve also been inspired of today’s women who balance a versatile life with regard to the features and needs to meet, Emma Olbers said at the launch.

Find the collection at Palmgrens. Prices from £260.