Terracotta Pot Power

This incredible tropical summer I have moved almost all our plants outdoors. Since I’m working and living all most all the time in the garden so why shouldn’t the plants get the same treat? Plus I love having them there of course.

This transit made me realize just how much I like these terracotta pots from Arket. The minimalist, no-fuzz shape makes them perfect for both in- and outdoors. And you can mix and match them with almost any other style. Both the pot and the saucer has a glaced inside to prevent dampness on the surface where it’s placed.

And the price point is as always at Arket wallet-friendly.

Terracotta pots available in two sizes, from £15 at Arket.

Everlasting Leo Love

One of the few prints that I find myself coming back to over and over again is the Leopard print. It’s something with the print that seems to stand the test of time.

The latest Leo wardrobe addition is a soft midi-skirt. It’s pleated with a button-up front and also lined so no unwanted see-through effect.

It works just as well as a simple everyday pull-on to more dressed up occasions. Just add accessories to bring it to the right level.

Come autumn I will just add a cozy, chunky sweater and a soft hat.

Leo skirt at & Other Stories. Nude cotton tee and pouch bag also at £17 & Other Stories, Veja suede sneakers at Net-a-Porter. Vintage bottle necklace from Guerlain. Ring with wooden stones SS16 from Acne. Sunglasses Gucci.

The Sicily Market Dress

It caught my eye when rushing down Regent street early May.

Seeing the simple shirt dress in the shop window I just loved how it draped around the body of the mannequin and visuals of slow-life vacations with me at a Sicilian market buying fresh groceries and sipping on a glass of Gavi wine at a decadently long lunch flashed by.

For a couple of weeks when the weather was still unstable it had wait-and-see status. Was it maybe a little bit to sweet or prim for me? Was it even on the dull side of the dress spectrum?

Then, one of the first days of summer I decided to give it a try.

Fast forward. Two-three months later The Genre Dress from Weekday has turned into a real keeper that people always compliments me on and the standard question is “Where did you get it?”.

It’s quite thick cotton weave and the airy fit is just perfect for hot summer days. I’m thinking that it works a little bit like a bedouin outfit. Keeping the heat out – at least to a certain point. The heat on Bakerloo Line is a tough one though.

IMG_0960 2

The Genre dress is a perfect throw-on- and-go summer piece. I’m also using it as a caftan over a pair of shorts and a tank top. And my new, handmade macramé bag The Carly (named after singer Carly Simon)  follows the summer-in-Sicily-theme.

When wearing it as a dress, I’m styling it with a handmade rope belt from Ibiza.  (When I had a store in Sweden it was part of the summer collections.) My two decades old super comfy Birkenstock are the perfect companions.

Just need to get to that Sicilian market anytime soon.

But a glass of Gavi in our garden will do for now.

Genre dress, £55 at Weekday. Carly bag, $125 at Dharma Door.



A Swedish icon bag reinvented

Ever since released last year a handbag from the collab between Swedish leather goods maker Palmgrens and renowned Swedish designer Emma Olbers has been on my wishlist. The collection is a stylish update of the original leather and rattan collection that was created already back in the 1950s.

IMG_5618 2
The classic rattan and leather handbag. Photo: Palmgrens.

The inspiration for the original bag, a modern design classic in Sweden, was to create an equally summery light and airy Swedish version of the wicker bags that was seen on many women during the summer months in Southern Europe.

For a couple of seasons when I was a young teenager it was the hottest school bag to carry in my Swedish hometown. As most other kids I didn’t have an original Palmgrens but a cheaper high-street version that broke after a couple of months since it was not built for heavy school books.

Palmgrens, with its 120 years of heritage, is one of Sweden’s most established producers of leather goods. They still focuses on natural tanned leather pieces like handcrafted handbags, suitcases and interior pieces. Photo: Andy Liffner.

Fast forward. The basket style bags, be it straw, rattan or any other similar material are now back in the limelight more than ever.

Olbers collection consists of three models. Photo: Andy Liffner.

Emma Olbers’ take is a clever update infusing them with a modern attitude and functionality but still with a timeless design that will last long after this seasons fast fashion is forgotten.

– When I designed the collection, I thought a lot about how I use bags and I’ve also been inspired of today’s women who balance a versatile life with regard to the features and needs to meet, Emma Olbers said at the launch.

Find the collection at Palmgrens. Prices from £260.




Clay Crush: Naomi Bikis

The ongoing trend for the unique and the hand crafted has boosted the general interest for ceramics in interior decoration. That fact plus social media as a channel to customers and publicity has made it possible for new talented potter’s to emerge and establish them self on the scene. Just take a look at any of the major craft shows in for example London and you can see that the ceramic craft is thriving.

My ceramics crush goes way back to my years at uni when studying Art History.  As it happens, for some years now most of my new discoveries has been women.

So starting with Naomi Bikis I will introduce some of the ones I think excels in their craft, creating pieces with an enduring allure and their own striking style.

Jewellery dish by Naomi Bikis. Photo from Renasala store.

Naomi is a perfect example of this new movement. Fashion journalist turned ceramicist her pieces has a distinct, sculptural quality to them.

Naomi’s studio Turning Earth in Hoxton, London shot by Philippa Langley. for ODE.

In her London studio, Naomi creates limited edition collections of  functional objects like vases and paper weights in a neutral palette. Her hand thrown pieces have simple, organic forms influenced by 1970s product design and ancient functional ceramics.

Product photos from Naomi’s website.


She works with a mixture of underglazes, coloured slips and glazes, experimenting with hyper-glossy work alongside rough, textured pieces that require multiple firings and glazes.

Just launched: H&M Home’s first furniture

Earlier this year H&M announced that it will start offering furniture to it’s home concept. I have long been waiting for this to happen, since in my opinion, there’s still a big gap in the furniture sector when it comes to adapting new trends into wallet friendly pieces. Just like the high-street fashion companies been doing for years now. Of course there are some offerings out there. But overall there’s still so much more to do in this sector!

Now the first products has been released online and they’re of course doing their spin on some of the major interior trends; rustic, vintage and modern industrial. All as expected, at very competitive price points. I haven’t seen any of the items IRL yet, so hard to say anything about the quality or finish of the products.

It will be really interesting to see how the line develops. If the coat rack in the first pic turns up in the collection I’m first in line!

See more at H&M Home.



50 shades of Frama

When I had a Swedish design store, one of our bestsellers was a book series called SHARE from New Heroes and Pioneers. The beauty with SHARE, beside the content, is the concept itself.

The book consists of 50 illustrations or photographs. Each page has one perforated side so you can easily tear your favourites out and hang on a wall and share with friends.

ed7f8a84-d795-41e6-9f9a-adffad671dc9The latest edition is a collab with Danish design brand Frama with artworks that explores their design, projects and works.

SHARE – Case Studies by Frama | Vol. 01, €65, at Frama.

Monday Mint

For this week’s Monday Motivation when the Mercury is hitting +30C on a regular bases mint feels like the perfect cooling colour. Like the swimsuit Attila from Three Graces. Just add a pool and a glass full of clinking ice cubes and liquid of choice.

The old renovated shoe box factory in Shoreditch, London follows today’s theme. It has been transformed into a modern home with some fresh looking features like the mint coloured walls that works surprisingly well with the concrete grey.The-Beldi-Shoreditch-High-Street-London-E1-37-1-1200x800The built-in bench under the windows is the perfect way to add both siting and shelf Just space. And take a closer look at the details, like the big ceramic urn and the lighting.

The colour reminds me of Prada stores back in the late 90s. At that time they always had a pale mint green as a major interior feature.Mint homeHolding on to that shoe thing with mules from Swedish Acne. They will spice up almost any outfit.

And then it’s that little detail. The pink tip of the heel.

Mint with a hint of pink. My kind of Monday candy.

P.s. Just discovered long-time favourite designer Carin Rodebjer’s first drop for AW18. She apparently has mint on her mind as well. The versatile tunic dress will work with or without pants. D.s.

Jade green pointed toe mule, £330 by Acne. Swimsuit Attila, £170 by Three Graces. Tunic dress Trisola, €325, by Rodebjer. Perfumes $125, by Coqui Coqui.

Take a walk on the pier side

A long pier stretching out into the sea.

Like the tide, it’s a quintessential British coastal feature. IMG_0031As a kid I dreamed about a English language study trip to England. In the catalogues photos of young smiling people, palm trees, piers and pubs in Hastings and Blackpool was just the right amount of exoticism that I as a 13-14 year old could wish for.

Unfortunately I never got the chance to go on that teenage trip.

IMG_0041It was not until this year I finally made my way to a classic, English pier.

And the timing couldn’t have been better.

Still off-season in late April. But sunny and warm. And it was Friday afternoon.

IMG_0025 2IMG_0060IMG_0074On the board walk and the beach people was just switching to weekend mode taking a beer and lighting their barbecues.

Sea gulls surfing above and people laughing in the sun chairs.

Slowly the sun sunk into the ocean. The sea and sky was one in an enchanted haze.IMG_0050 2Pier perfect.

The Brighton Palace Pier, commonly known as Brighton Pier or the Palace Pier is a Grade II listed pleasure pier. Opening in 1899, the 525 meter long pier is the 8th longest one in England and still going strong with around 4 millions visitors yearly. Easy access from London by train or car. 




Swashbuckling in Shoreditch

London still basking in temperatures around +30 means my dress code is quite simple. As loose fitting clothes as possible and natural fibres such as linen, cotton and silk makes the tube trip a little bit more bearable.

My go-to heatwave choice is always a dress. Loose skirts or shorts are stand-ins. But today was “chilly” with just +17-18C or so in the morning. Therefore this became Trousers Tuesday, paring an old pair of tapered linen trousers with a pin-striped breezy ballon-sleeved blouse.

The blouse in airy cotton (still in stock when writing this) is a real steal for just £17 at H&M. Comfy wedges and loafers takes me from work to concert night.

My new Jumbo Hemp bag from Australian brand Dharma Door adds some relaxed, boho vibes. This versatile piece is handmade by fair trade artisans in Bangladesh.

IMG_0651 2

The natural fibre allows the bag to stretch as it fills, accommodating a surprising volume of goodies. Like that extra pair of shoes, the large water bottle, my “no-make-up make-up survival kit” and all other necessary stuff for a long day out.


Pinstriped natural white/dark blue blouse, H&M. Ink blue linen trousers, Weekday AW11. Wedges COS, probably SS11. Suede blue dotted loafers, Surface to Air, SS12. Dark blue diary, Liberty. Jumbo Hemp bag, Dharma Door.

The Heatwave Haven

At our townhouse we have what our neighbour describe as a “mature garden”. If you want to be positive that means a lush plethora of trees and shrubs that creates a lovely frame and backdrop for our north facing plot.

And the overall wonky feeling with all it’s imperfections is both charming and forgiving. Perfect for me, the lazy gardener. IMG_0577Adding some reality facts, it’s also a garden that no one has done as much as cutting a dead branch in for quite some time. So when we moved in it was an unpruned, over-grown green beast.

Now 18 months later we have at least done the most urgent trimming and cutting. But since we’re renting and not planning to stay here for more than a couple of years, we are following the strict pot plan. Meaning, just adding potted plants to strategic places.

Oh, there’s one exception! The small patio at the the back end of the garden. I will return to that one in an upcoming garden post.IMG_0426The part closest to the house is in shadow almost 24/7, so that’s not the spot for basking in the summer sun. For us it was just the transit on our way out to the sun.

But that was before the Brittish scorcher summer of 2018.

From being a constant sun-seeker (spf, check!) and trying to work as much as possible outdoors in the summer,  I have found myself facing a quite new problem. Where to sit when it’s too hot to handle the sun?

So now finally, that leads us to this post’s real content – the transformation of that “useless”all day shaded spot.

It’s framed by one of the house’s brick walls on one side and a really old fence on the other. This creates an inviting room like feeling to it. Also it’s blurring the lines between in and outdoors. A feature that I always favoured in architecture.

Luckily it happens to have neutral, big sand coloured tiles adding to that indoor feeling. So with that “conservatory canvas” to work with it was not that such a big task to do the decorating.

Being into rattan for some years now and wanting to be able to mix and match all garden furniture for different settings, I decided to stick to the same furniture as on the other patio, the Mastholmen from IKEA.

IMG_0533After moving some pots from other parts of the garden and using our Röshult Urban fire basket as a big plant box our new green room was sorted.

By the way, the terracotta pot from Arket (below) is a new favourite. With it’s minimalistic design it let’s the plants do the talking. IMG_0554Still need to fix the lighting tough. Lanterns and candles always does the trick to amp up the cosy factor. And also will add an old lighting chain.

The Santa Cole new battery version of the now classic Cestita lamp designed in 1962 by Miguel Milá  will add a little Japanese touch. Will show you how that turns out soon.

Outdoor rattan furniture, Mastholmen, IKEA. Terracotta pot, Arket. Watering can, Haws. Green carafe, Pinheiro Bordallo, Arket. Fire basket, Röshult. Terracotta linen cushion covers, H&M Home. Nina wears: Trousers and sun hut, H&M SS15. White tunic, Other Stories, SS15. White bra tank top, Uniqlo. Sandals, Hawaiianas. 

Magical Monastery

Setting the mood for this summer weekend with beautiful Milan venue SIX Gallery. Always been into places where indoors and outdoors meet and mix. And this is a case study of that with a striking timeless elegance.

p1_six_gallery_milan_italy_yatzerThe former 16th monastery  has been transformed into a design gallery, a green boutique and a bistro. It’s also home to the architect studio of Quincoces-Dragò & Partners. Who together with entrepreneur Mauro Orlandelli  and art director Samuele Savio are the creative team behind it.

we wanted everything, from the furniture to the plants, to look like they had been here forever“.

f1_six_gallery_milan_italy_yatzerHave a lovely weekend!

Credit: Photo by Alberto Strada. See more at yatzer. Found through Automatism



Raye wide-leg cotton chino trousers

The camel colour pants from Raey is the perfect everyday work wear. Depending on mood, weather and work tasks it can easily be dressed down or up. When warehouse or photo session day in the webbshop, I pair it with an well-worn t-shirt. Add a white shirt and the work meeting outfit is sorted.

Raey is the in-house brand from fashion online success Matchesfashion.com that I find myself returning to over and over again. With clean, crisp silhouettes and a masculine touch it’s timeless aesthetics it’s what I want as the back bone in my wardrobe.

Wide-leg chino trousers, £225, Matchesfashion.

Let there be Bliss

One of my favourite Brittish artists is Camilla Bliss. So no surprise that it was love at first sight when I found these statement lamps made by her.

Lamp Guardian Dome by Camilla Bliss, £1,050, The New Craftsmen.

London based Bliss is an extremely talented contemporary artist, designer and ceramist.

She produces lighting, artworks and sculptures. All with her distinct, personal expression. Playful and dynamic at the same time. Just as these ceramic lamps.

A closer look at Bliss’ multi-disciplinary work is in the pipeline.

Photo: Gareth Hackner for The New Craftsmen.