The Sicily Market Dress

It caught my eye when rushing down Regent street early May.

Seeing the simple shirt dress in the shop window I just loved how it draped around the body of the mannequin and visuals of slow-life vacations with me at a Sicilian market buying fresh groceries and sipping on a glass of Gavi wine at a decadently long lunch flashed by.

For a couple of weeks when the weather was still unstable it had wait-and-see status. Was it maybe a little bit to sweet or prim for me? Was it even on the dull side of the dress spectrum?

Then, one of the first days of summer I decided to give it a try.

Fast forward. Two-three months later The Genre Dress from Weekday has turned into a real keeper that people always compliments me on and the standard question is “Where did you get it?”.

It’s quite thick cotton weave and the airy fit is just perfect for hot summer days. I’m thinking that it works a little bit like a bedouin outfit. Keeping the heat out – at least to a certain point. The heat on Bakerloo Line is a tough one though.

IMG_0960 2

The Genre dress is a perfect throw-on- and-go summer piece. I’m also using it as a caftan over a pair of shorts and a tank top. And my new, handmade macramé bag The Carly (named after singer Carly Simon)  follows the summer-in-Sicily-theme.

When wearing it as a dress, I’m styling it with a handmade rope belt from Ibiza.  (When I had a store in Sweden it was part of the summer collections.) My two decades old super comfy Birkenstock are the perfect companions.

Just need to get to that Sicilian market anytime soon.

But a glass of Gavi in our garden will do for now.

Genre dress, £55 at Weekday. Carly bag, $125 at Dharma Door.