Budget Buy – It’s all in the Mix(a)

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The French pharmacies has always been a good place to stock up on products that gives a lot for the bucks. And this little find, a body lotion from French apothecary brand Mixa does just that.

No fancy branding or packaging. No glossy magazine ads. Just a product that delivers what it says. In this case a good amount of moisture.

The brand offers a few different takes on their body lotion, for sensitive skin and very dry skin.

The one I’m using is said to also give firmness. I don’t know to what extent it does that to be honest. But it leaves skin soft and nourished. It’s silky texture is also absorbed quickly.

So the USP in this case is crystal clear. No fuss, just moist. For six pounds.

Nowadays you don’t need to go to Paris and fill up your suitcase with hard working bathroom staples like this. You can find this and many other French apothecary brands at a wide range of British resellers like Boots and Sainsbury.

P.s. For those in need of more moist to fight off really dry skin the Mixa Cica Repair is the way to go. D.s.

Mixa Body Lotion, £6.49, Ocado.