Sleek winter survival secrets

The big problem with winter is – the cold. I always want to go straight into hibernate mode when the temperatures drops below two digits on the plus side of the Celsius scale. So over the years I gathered a few tricks up my woolly sleeves for how to fight the cold.

One of my best secrets comes from Japan.

To be more specific I found a true winter comforter at Japanese high-street brand Uniqlo. Their so called Heat Teach collection has made my winter life a little bit more bearable. The core of the collection are the first layer basics like tops, leggings, turtlenecks, socks and tank tops, etc.

They’re made of a special mix of fabric regulating your body temperature without the discomfort of bulky clothing, The items cleverly use moisture released by the body to retain heat to keep you warmer in colder months.

The Heat Teach collection is made of a breathable and moisturising fabric.

All products also feature moisturising Moroccan Argan oil for more comfort during dry seasons.

Alexander Wang adds a sleek sporty touch to Uniqlo’s Heat Tech range.

So in short what you get is a thin, varming layer for every body part. Like a soft second skin.

My favourites includes the tank-top with a built in bra, turtIenecks and the crew neck tops.

For more challenging winter conditions there are pieces called Extra Warm and Ultra Warm. In summer opt for cooling, breathable AIRism.

When earlier this autumn the news was out that American fashion designer Alexander Wang was doing a Heat Teach collection I was first in line.

The collection delivered just what I was hoping for. Meaning a sleek, sporty take on underwear, tops and leggings. The colours range from black to grey, camel, white and a hint of neon. The overall look is sophisticated, minimalistic and modern.

As you might have guessed my wardrobe is already quite Heat Tech heavy, an exception being bras and undies. So I decided to give those items a try. I also went for a white long-sleeved ribbed top for my winter work-out sessions.

Now my Wang’s been on rotation for a couple of weeks since the drop and I just stocked up on some more before they’re gone. Don’t wait if you want to grab something, it’s getting empty on the shelf’s from what I can see!

The collection is normally sized and that goes for the Wang’s as well. An exception are the bras, that are on the small size. Bra, £19.90. Briefs, £9.90.

But if you missing out of the Wang, right now many of the items in the main collection are on Black Friday sale, so that means the pricing is even better than usually.

In other words a perfect time to make sure you’ll stay varm all winter.

See the Wang collection here.

 And the whole Heat Tech range including mens wear here.