Budget Buy Serpentine Sandals

The latest design collab from the folks at H&M was one that instantly caught my interest. This time they’ve teamed up with the new, also Swedish, shoe brand Eytys. Its been on my ( and many others) radars for a while. Theirs chunky sneakers has turned into a success and last year they opend a store here in London.

The unisex collection’s highlights for me are the jeans and trousers. And these sandals, a fun take on the Eytys aesthetics. The padded foot strap is made of leather with an embossed snake pattern. The soles are slightly higher and has a textured-patterned rim and the inside is moulded so it’s more comfy than a flat sandal.

One of my sons, who also happens to loves cool packaging wants to put the shoe box on his so called “Nerd shelf” together with his other finds like Japanese soft drink cans and candy boxes.

Always a nice little bonus when the package can be re-used.

Sandals, Eytys x H&M, £17.99, H&M.

Just launched: H&M Home’s first furniture

Earlier this year H&M announced that it will start offering furniture to it’s home concept. I have long been waiting for this to happen, since in my opinion, there’s still a big gap in the furniture sector when it comes to adapting new trends into wallet friendly pieces. Just like the high-street fashion companies been doing for years now. Of course there are some offerings out there. But overall there’s still so much more to do in this sector!

Now the first products has been released online and they’re of course doing their spin on some of the major interior trends; rustic, vintage and modern industrial. All as expected, at very competitive price points. I haven’t seen any of the items IRL yet, so hard to say anything about the quality or finish of the products.

It will be really interesting to see how the line develops. If the coat rack in the first pic turns up in the collection I’m first in line!

See more at H&M Home.