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If you would have asked me three-four yeas ago I would have said I’m not an earring person. But after that things gradually started to change. And for the last couple of years it’s earrings that really has interested me in the jewellery department.

A new posse of modern often female creators and brands has taken the whole earring thing to a new level. They have a fresh approach, working with sculptural forms and often the designers see the whole ear as a canvas to paint on. The result is effortlessly cool and elegant at the same time.

A stand out feature of many styles is the kind of trompe l’oeil effect that tricks the eyes to believe that you have more than one piercing. Wearing just one piece creates an asymmetrical look that adds a laid-back vibe to it. I also like to combine one piercing piece with a small ear cuff to create an own personal duo. My punk point to an outfit;-)

And as always Instagram is my gold mine. Here’s a round up of some of my most saved makers.

Berlin-based jewellery designer Anne Manns, creates statement pieces that are both bold and modern. Her 24k gold plated earrings winds on the ear like a little snake or liquid gold. She also does an amazing ring that has the same kind of winding movement.

Sara Robertsson is a Swedish designer that also creates beautiful, bold pieces. She has a background in womenswear design and her inspiration and technique found in draping is evident in her striking yet minimalistic, organic jewellery.

Some of her styles reminds me of iconic Swedish Vivianna Torun Bülow-Hübe that made now classical, timeless pieces in the mid-century for among others Danish George Jensen.

Photo Completedworks

Completedworks founded by Anna Jewsbury in London is another champion of the new movement as well as Singapore based brand Thing In Itself .

Puakai Pearl by Pernille Lauridsen Photo Net-A-Porter

Danish Pernille Lauridsen has a more delicate style and many of her designs comes with coloured stones.

My favourite, since I prefer white stones or pearls is her Puakai Pearl earring that together with a very thin ear cuff has become part of my everyday style this winter.

If you’re looking for new, jewellery designers do check out Rena Sala. Her webbshop always features new fresh talents.

Photo gallery from top left: Anne Manns, Thing In Itself, Anne Manns, Sara Robertsson, Completedworks, Sara Robertsson. All photos from the designers.

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