Take a walk on the pier side

A long pier stretching out into the sea.

Like the tide, it’s a quintessential British coastal feature. IMG_0031As a kid I dreamed about a English language study trip to England. In the catalogues photos of young smiling people, palm trees, piers and pubs in Hastings and Blackpool was just the right amount of exoticism that I as a 13-14 year old could wish for.

Unfortunately I never got the chance to go on that teenage trip.

IMG_0041It was not until this year I finally made my way to a classic, English pier.

And the timing couldn’t have been better.

Still off-season in late April. But sunny and warm. And it was Friday afternoon.

IMG_0025 2IMG_0060IMG_0074On the board walk and the beach people was just switching to weekend mode taking a beer and lighting their barbecues.

Sea gulls surfing above and people laughing in the sun chairs.

Slowly the sun sunk into the ocean. The sea and sky was one in an enchanted haze.IMG_0050 2Pier perfect.

The Brighton Palace Pier, commonly known as Brighton Pier or the Palace Pier is a Grade II listed pleasure pier. Opening in 1899, the 525 meter long pier is the 8th longest one in England and still going strong with around 4 millions visitors yearly. Easy access from London by train or car. 




Magical Monastery

Setting the mood for this summer weekend with beautiful Milan venue SIX Gallery. Always been into places where indoors and outdoors meet and mix. And this is a case study of that with a striking timeless elegance.

p1_six_gallery_milan_italy_yatzerThe former 16th monastery  has been transformed into a design gallery, a green boutique and a bistro. It’s also home to the architect studio of Quincoces-Dragò & Partners. Who together with entrepreneur Mauro Orlandelli  and art director Samuele Savio are the creative team behind it.

we wanted everything, from the furniture to the plants, to look like they had been here forever“.

f1_six_gallery_milan_italy_yatzerHave a lovely weekend!

Credit: Photo by Alberto Strada. See more at yatzer. Found through Automatism