Think Pink, Valentine

First I want to say it’s not that I don’t like to give or receive gifts. But I never been a big fan of general gifting days when you supposed to give presents. Christmas, Fathers, Mothers, Valentine’s days and so on.

On a given day the social etiquette dictates that you must give a present. So you run around trying to find something. It’s a little bit crazy, don’t you think?

Spitafields does pink better than most.

I really enjoy giving people I love gifts. Birthdays and anniversaries I’m all in.

But isn’t it also a wonderful thing to give someone a little something when they least expect so? That expression of genuine surprise and joy on his or her face is worth it alone I think.

Instead of a mandatory gift. What about an unexpected present on a gloomy, dark winter Wednesday?

That said I’m seeing the colour pink everywhere right now. And I quite like it. There’s something fresh, youthful and springish to it that is most welcomed this time of the year.

And as it happens it’s also the perfect colour for Valentine.

Photo credits: 3/4/5/6/7/8/9. Other photos my own.

Dreamy Villa

“The Villa Noailles has always made me dream”, declares French designer Vincent Darrè in Wallpaper Magazine. Well it makes me dream too.

This ground-floor boutique with it’s sculptural decoration throughout the space is just what I would love to have in a my summer bolthole. Always being into built-in-furniture these shelves and table are combining function and form perfectly.

And that Mediterranean light flowing down from the ceiling windows gives the space a beautiful summer glow.

hyres_0001_boutique_vincentdarrematthieucosse-sansbras_0Villa Noailles, Montée de Noailles, Hyères, France. Photography: Lothaire Hucki for Wallpaper Magazine.

Terracotta Pot Power

This incredible tropical summer I have moved almost all our plants outdoors. Since I’m working and living all most all the time in the garden so why shouldn’t the plants get the same treat? Plus I love having them there of course.

This transit made me realize just how much I like these terracotta pots from Arket. The minimalist, no-fuzz shape makes them perfect for both in- and outdoors. And you can mix and match them with almost any other style. Both the pot and the saucer has a glaced inside to prevent dampness on the surface where it’s placed.

And the price point is as always at Arket wallet-friendly.

Terracotta pots available in two sizes, from £15 at Arket.

Just launched: H&M Home’s first furniture

Earlier this year H&M announced that it will start offering furniture to it’s home concept. I have long been waiting for this to happen, since in my opinion, there’s still a big gap in the furniture sector when it comes to adapting new trends into wallet friendly pieces. Just like the high-street fashion companies been doing for years now. Of course there are some offerings out there. But overall there’s still so much more to do in this sector!

Now the first products has been released online and they’re of course doing their spin on some of the major interior trends; rustic, vintage and modern industrial. All as expected, at very competitive price points. I haven’t seen any of the items IRL yet, so hard to say anything about the quality or finish of the products.

It will be really interesting to see how the line develops. If the coat rack in the first pic turns up in the collection I’m first in line!

See more at H&M Home.